Newborn Photography Session: Little Emily

When my friend and I were planning the newborn session with her new born baby girl Emily, we both had the view we would be taking those dreamy, romantic, into the woods kind of pictures. We even found the best outdoor location near their grandparents house where we would fly free like fairies above the wildflowers, taking pictures in the lovely warm sunset. I had been researching some poses and ideas, I was so excited that finally I would have my chance to try this kind of photography. It all should have been pretty straightforward, if only the weather had been on board with our plans.

On the way to the location we were hit by a mini monsoon and needed to take shelter. Luckily we were able to make it back to my friend’s house before the car was swept away! So here is our session with little baby Emily. Location isn’t everything, home really is where the heart is.