Hi and welcome to my website, a place dedicated to photography. My name is Michaela and I’m the person usually behind the camera. My professional background is in teaching but photography has always been in my heart.

I am inspired by everything and anything related to our little ones and the love we share with them. From future mums and their pregnancies, sleepy newborns to crawling toddlers, I believe that any stage of our lives, any day of your life is worth documenting. No matter if you live with a moody teen machine or your youngest one is still learning to walk. Family photography is as exciting and beautiful as actual life is.

I care about the real stuff which means following you unobtrusively with my camera and catching the in-between moments. All wrapped up nicely in the places where you belong the most, your home or your favourite place: a park, a beach or your back garden, even balconies are great for photography too.

I help my clients to be relaxed, to forget about the camera, their fears and worries. I help them to focus on the importance of being themselves as unique human beings who deserve to look fantastic in the pictures so their family memories could be revisited and kept with pride.

From my own experience, as a mum of two boys, I know how fast our children grow and how quickly they change. So let’s not wait any longer to capture the smiles and their personalities!


Phone: 083 191 7839